Nuclear Throne (2015)

Developer: Vlambeer Publisher: Vlambeer Played On: PC (Steam) Nuclear Throne Website Five hours in and I have yet to sit on the Nuclear Throne. Not for lack of trying since each half decent run probably shaves a few months off my life from the stress of it all. I am easily rattled. All in all though the […]

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DmC (2013)

This first appeared on Joystick Republic (RIP) Oh happy day, I have finished the first Browsing the Backlog and I sort of, kind of, maybe know how I want to go about writing these. Hopefully nonsensical ramblings about something that stuck with me about a game and not giving any comprehensive thoughts on any individual […]

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DOOM (2016)

This was originally posted on Joystick Republic (RIP) Coming into 2017 I tried to make a wee list of resolutions that I would likely attempt yet fail miserably with. Two of them were to play more video games, hopefully finish a few more along the way but I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, […]

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